Lettering workshop with the MOLOTOW BLACKLINER and AQUA COLOR BRUSH

The German lettering artist Dorothea from the DIY & lettering blog Zauber ein Lächeln recently received a bunch of MOLOTOW Blackliner for her last “Lettering Basics” workshops.
Basically, the workshops are made for beginners in the world of lettering artworks. In the morning the participants start to draw with the Blackliners and their first handlettering project, then in the afternoon they switch to brushlettering using the Blackliner Brush markers. To give their first works some colorful touches, the AQUA COLOR BRUSH markers were introduced to the workshop participants as well. After a lesson about how to handle the markers and practicing some hours, all participants were able to create their first own lettering projects. And here is some photo material of the results and impressions.  


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