Lascaux Acrylics meets the MOLOTOW™ Empty Pump Marker System

Enjoy high concentration of pure pigments and the use of top quality binding mediums by Lascaux colours filled and used in combination with the different sizes of the MOLOTOW™ Empty Pump Marker System. Therefore our sustainable R.E.M.™ technology is a key feature, easily refillable for a minimum of 50 times. Moreover, perfectly suitable for mixing and storing own color shades. A consistent paint flow is guaranteed due to the FLOWMASTER™ valve. The tips are exchangeable and ensure endless flexibility. You can watch products such as the MOLOTOW Empty Marker 111EM, 211EM and 611EM as well as the empty MOLOTOW DRIPSTICK with a great showcase of paint flow! Try and check out the MOLOTOW ONE4ALL Acrylic Paint and different kind of alcohol-based INKS within our Product Range!


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