Lambros Solo Show at 212-Arts Gallery New York

Stenciling is an intricate and meticulous art from. While on other platforms, some details can be overlooked and bypassed for the overall composition of a project. However, in stenciling, it is the details that make or break a piece. Matthew Williams, aka “Lambros” (@Lambrosart) is one artist that has excelled and made a prolific career for himself out of stencil work.  Tuesday, 10/24/17, opening at 6pm, Lambros will have his first solo showing as an artist in New York City at 212-Arts Gallery (@212arts), located at 240 East 4th street. Not only is Lambros a talented artist with credits to his own name, he has also cut recognizable stencils for artists collectively like Faile. 
Jonathan Drexler had the chance to speak with Lambros and Marc, who owns the 212 Arts gallery, about the art that would be featured in the show: M
"One of the important contributing factors in giving Lambros this show was that his work is incredibly detailed and unique. Lambros is incredibly witty. For example, one of the pieces I am most excited about in this show is a stencil of a dramatically enlarged woman holding a smaller King-Kong in her hand from on top of The Empire State building.  It is work like that which I am most excited to see debut. Lambros’ work brings to light iconic popular images and portrays them in a way that the public has not thought of before.  Aside from the original and new work featured in the show, I also look forward to the release of handmade prints that accompany each work."  (Marc)
"I have been drawing ever since I can remember. Before focusing on stencils, I have dabbled in every medium: watercolor, charcoal, acrylic painting, oil painting and everything under the sun. Stenciling has become my medium of choice because it has built in limitations–pushing those limits fascinates me. I also noticed that while many artists try their hand at stenciling, few devoted time to master it. The medium had a lot of room for growth and I saw an opportunity to push the boundaries, so I decided to see it through.   Every stencil starts out as a rough sketch. Which builds up into a photograph before editing them digitally. Once the image is on the computer I can paint over them with a tablet, add 3d models and do some major photo compositing to make seamless images to stencil later. My process spends half of its life in a digital form. Earlier this year I lost my life’s work to a hard drive failure. Takeover was the first series I made after starting to put the pieces of my life’s work back together. The city was making me feel small and overwhelmed so I started painting figures who would turn that dynamic on its head. My giant monsters inspired me to move on more boldly than ever and hopefully they can do the same for someone else.   The process of making these was very intense. Some of the backgrounds and women were done by simply hand painting and photo compositing in photoshop. Most of them required heavy reconstructing to create an idealized version of the city. I had to revisit perspective drawing and learn some basic 3d modeling to bring my visions to life. All that took place before hand cutting the majority of the stencils used to spray paint them on canvas.”  (Lambros)
If you are in the New York area, come out for the show this upcoming Tuesday. You can see some of the work featured in the show below.




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