The DOSENDEALER.CH project in Zurich, Switzerland has been developed from a small basement compartment into an impressive art meeting place that offers national and international artists a platform. Through regular events, the DOSENDEALER creative center has developed into an art and cultural meeting place.

“With our project we are committed to peaceful and active exchange between national and international artists. All artists are actively supported in their work and development. By arranging art commissions and the opportunity for exhibitions in the in-house gallery, further important perspectives are created! Regular workshops and free access for those interested make our vision a valuable contribution to the art scene in Zurich and beyond. The project stands out from conventional legal practice areas thanks to its active management and regulation. After a short break, we are now back in a new, permanent space in Zurich and ready to write the next chapters of our story.”

The project runs since 2015 with a longer break in 2018 and finally the re-opening end of august 2023! The opening event included live graffiti, workshops, rap performance and an exhibition Vernissage curated by the Graffiti artists @Meats.87 & @Akryl_maga!

“WOOW!! What a weekend!!! We are still overwhelmed!! It was a pleasure for us to welcome you all to our new location. Thank you very much for your numerous appearances and all the compliments – lots of love for you all!! We would also like to thank all the helpers, artists and our gallery team @meats.87 and @akryl_magx. Thank you for your trust and commitment, without you this weekend would not have been possible. We are already looking forward to the future and everything that is to come. Thanks to you all. Lots of love and see you soon. Your can dealer team”

MOLOTOW is official partner of the project and supports the team behind DOSENDEALER.CH with quality artist tools! Check out some photos from the location and make sure to visit their website and socials here on DOSENDEALER.CH

Photos: @joel_shoots




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