Kerava Tunnel Graffiti Project

The city of Kerava, a small town 30 kilometres north from Helsinki, celebrates it’s 90th birthday this year. For such a tiny place (~35,000 inhabitants) opportunities to do legal graffiti are pretty awesome in Kerava – currently there are two permanent legal walls and the city regularly commisions murals. The culture services department asked Psyke (TEC) to gather a team of writers to paint an underpass and in June, just before the city’s birthday party, it got done by him and Acton (HRC, TMF), Eore (TMF) and Hende (UZN).

The green side (green being the official color of Kerava) represents 2014 and the beige side 1924. Elements of the mural include circus horses and cherry tree brances – both of which are very meaningful for the locals. The white words on the background were gathered through social media and define the city. The mural has been very warmly welcomed by the people in the neighbourhood.


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