Kaos – Vandals In Motion

“Kaos – Vandals In Motion” tells the story of Swedish and European graffiti through Kaos’ words along with an incredible number of photos, articles, flyers and interviews with key players. Kaos is one of a very few european graffiti veterans writing graffiti since the early eighties and still do. It shows the close link between Kaos and the development of the graffiti scene, as well as his hometown Stockholm’s importance for European graffiti in general. Kaos has been part of almost every single turning point within Swedish graffiti. As a part of internationally known graffiti crews as VIM, MOA, ALL and MSN, he’s also the main link to artists from all over Europe and the world. Gonna be a great book about a great artist and person! More info at www.dokument.org and a few photos here over at the Facebook Page of the upcoming book!


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