FORK4 from Budapest has a new update for us, with a nice video and photos, let us explain him what has been painted on that day and who participated:

“NY legend documentalist Dave Foto sent a message few month back that he will coming to Budapest before he visit Roskilde, so we organized a little private jam and invited the stylemaster Kaisy to join us too. We made a joiner together dedicated for Molotow Hungar (Instagram @molotowhungary #molotowhungary) Open from 12th of july on in Budapest.  Used colors: MOLOTOW COVERSALL COLOR: black, white, cadmium yellow, Swet red, Mad C pink MOLOTOW PREMIUM: Ultramarine, Seen nightblue, Blackberry, Petrol, Shock Blue, blue gin, transparent blue, khaki green, hazelnut, neon orange, Mac crew purple, Caparso grey”

Photo and Camera: Paul Corfield
Video Edit: Fork 4

*supported by Molotow Hungary and All Caps Collective”