Kade SP – Surfboard Design

Steve Parker alias Kade SP Designed is an artist of the Australian Traditional Contemporary Art. He started with graffiti in 1989, in Victoria, Australia. When he was 13 years old he got into surfing and as his Dad was a shaper, Steve learned about surfboard design very early. Quite a few years later, when he worked as a shaper for ISLAND SURFBOARDS, Craig Hogan inspired him to do art on the boards. His first board he painted in 2001 and since then people regularly keep asking for his artworks, also internationally. Steve is one of the first artists who tested the MOLOTOW™ PREMIUM cans and the MOLOTOW™ ONE4ALL marker on the boards and he was fascinated.

Footage after the Jump

“The paint is amazing. The colours are so bright and the paint dries within seconds. Also the even output supports the exact work a lot. I used to paint with the usual hardware paints or Posca markers all the time. Having the MOLOTOW™ products with all these different nibs and the huge range of colours of the MOLOTOW™ PREMIUM and also the MOLOTOW™ ONE4ALL marker, and the feature that you can refill the marker open a lot more opportunities for me as an artist. Finally, I am not so limited anymore! Awesome!”




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