Jamel Beribeche

Jamel Beribeche, a French painter, is obsessed with the transformative process of the public space through art. Obviously, he has been drawn to work in NYC, a multi-faceted and tentacular city. A place to leave one’s footprint. In his studio, he sets poster ads free of their commercial content and meaning, therefore reintroducing them in the city for the people to look at it (in it’s original form) as new creations or raw billboards. The ultimate goal is to enable people to consider the public space as an open sky gallery; to take full advantage of the urban landscape and bring Art to everyone. Art becomes at everybody’s reach. Recently, his photographs of NYC have generated his own personal images which will become the main support and base of his work. Being simultaneously a painter, a photographer, a graphic designer, he makes of the public space – a traditional place of exchanges and gazes – his own creative and recreational spot. Check his art, more about the affordable Art Fair show in New York and more recent projects over at his official webpage


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