Introducing STANE VMD

French graffiti artist STANE from Toulouse submitted photos and a video to showcase his definition of piecing, handstyles, tags, throwups and the use of a Marker in the streets. In this case: several MOLOTOW Markers, from empty markers filled with the MOLOTOW COCKTAIL to the MOLOTOW DRIPSTICK, the MOLOTOW LIQUID CHROME Marker or the MOLOTOW MASTERPIECE. Here is what the artist has to say about it:
"It’s a difficult exercise, because it requires a certain mastery of the line and its letters. I took more time to develop it, to understand the balance, to find the right dynamic, a vibe between my letters. I very much appreciate the fast side in terms of execution, and the fact of getting it up in one-line. I always try to add some facial expressions to add a touch of my personal mood at that special moment."
Below check out the video and some graffiti pieces he painted. More by STANE check out here on his Instagram.


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