We are very happy to announce a few new MOLOTOW PREMIUM Artist Colors this year, one of them will be a color dedicated to our friends and graffiti artists MEGA & ROMEO (MOLOTOW Train) better known as NASTY SONS from Holland.

“We were pretty excited when we heard we did get our ‘own’ artist color. It’s called Nasty Sons plum. The color is perfect for us, not too light and not too dark (so it won’t look black on a photo). Perfect for outlines, a background color or for filling in. It’s a good covering color somewhere in between purple and blue.” (NASTY SONS)

MEGA and ROMEO planning to paint a series of pieces with this color, every time combined with selected tones of the MOLOTOW PREMIUM Scheme. In this first one the NASTY SONS combined the color with MOLOTOW PREMIUM Plum middle, Viola light and Deep black. For outlines they used MOLOTOW PREMIUM Signal white and Ice blue dark. Together with some brown tones in the background it does make a fresh color combination. Check it out after the jump!