Introducing Graffiti Artist ZEUS40 from Naples, Italy

Today we would like introduce Graffiti artist ZEUS40, who started painting graffiti around 2000 when he was 20 years. ZEUS is based in Naples, Italy and part of the WILDBOYS and VMD crews.
"I have always loved drawing, but before I met graffiti on my way I had never drawn letters, then one day I met some writers that they were painting in the street, from that moment I became a graffiti junkie. I started to follow the moves of the writers to watch them paint and try to steal some secrets, I became interested in the historical part of the graffiti , I bought books, magazines and video. I was like a sponge, I absorbed a monstrous amount of information in a very short time and this has changed my way of painting, it was never enough and fortunately is still like that. "(ZEUS40/Interview with Spraydaily)
As introduction of much more to come here on MOLOTOW.COM he has done this banger of an graffiti piece painted with MOLOTOW PREMIUM and FLAME PAINT. Make sure to spend a little bit on one of his social media profiles listed below! 
Facebook: Facebook.com/ZeusForty
Instagram: @zeus40_wb_vmd
Flickr: Flickr.com/zeus4


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