Introducing Graffiti Artist AZEK ONE from TOULOUSE

AZEK is a graffiti artist born in 1979 in Toulouse, south west if France, where he lives and works.
AZEK is a Writer with an established reputation, founder and member of several collectives such as LEC and the VMD Crews. He has been working since 1995 on the urban environment, influenced by the New York City and Paris graffiti movement.
Shapes and letters, full colors and straight lines, from tags, throw-ups to wild style, for him it’s all about using the spraycan with style and a strong visual impact. Invited to a number of graffiti and street art festivals, he has traveled and painted walls all over Europe, the United States or Canada.
You can find his productions published in several graffiti art and urban painting books. His works are some sort of evolution in terms of research in painting, post-modern graffiti and spraycan art control on different mediums such as canvas and subway maps.
Check out below how AZEK rocking a silver piece with the MOLOTOW BURNER CHROME and COVERS ALL COLOR Pure Black plus a few of his works painted recently. You can browse much more of his work over on his Instagram profile!


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