Since we´ve posted a lot about the graffiti artist NIKON within the past weeks we thought it´s a good idea to ask him some questions for a short interview. If you know about the graffiti history in Hungary this artist don´t need any further introduction. More MOLOTOW Interviews please find here

Welcome on board Mr.Nikon! Can you please introduce yourself in short?

I write Nikon One. Im from Budapest / Hungary. I paint graffiti since 1994.

What does it mean to you to be a graffiti writer?

First is the freedom and the happiness. Adventurous and intresting lifestyle, flavoured with many type of creativity and all of this is quite in secret or in discrete covering.

What is the most important thing you like on doing Graffiti?

The freedom of the creativity and the power of unlimited. The fame inside in the culture and the fame outside of the culture, whats growed out from the closed circles of the graffiti culture. Its just an amazing way and if you belive in that you can find a happy and interesting life.

You are travelling a lot?

As much as I can, I try to go all time to somewhere but in same time i like my city, my country and im around with many cool friend and friendly creative people, so if I need to stay I can enjoy.

How´s things in Budapest compared to the Nineties? Is there a graffiti tolerance?

Now, more biggest control, more cctv, more strict attitude but is the way of this kind of things. Noone can think seriously about this country stay as an balkanic, ex-socialist country where police doesn’t have time to watch the graffiti activity and feeling of freedom can stronger than the authorites. Because lot of us thinked this with years back, even me also a bit feels thats. We are in the European Union since almost ten years, with this facts thats just naturally we dont see more subway wholecars or train end 2 ends in traffic. The streets and some part of the city is still bombed, some places is overkilled but since one year if you are busted about only a tag, you can get one year in the jail. Im personally never heard any case where anyone would get any time in the jail just for graffiti. Of course, most of the times this culture have friendship with differeent kind of crimes, but thats would be another story. This place is growing up for the european normas and on this way i think the buffing of graffiti, try to keep clean the city – as show for citizens the system is strong ( not ) is just inevitable part of the way of this things. Im sad about it but what can we do. Maybe one thing, need to find the best spots and platform to playing this fame game.

What´s your favourite color?

Alga is absolutely! Alga with shades of Riviera and Calypso colours for sure, I also like the Shok blue, the Aqua, the Melon yellow, Autumn Leaf or the classic Traffic Red. And finally the Deep Black.

Do you believe in a carrier as a graffiti writer? I mean, you want to earn money with what do you do on walls or canvas?

Im absolutely believe in because Im just living for that and from that. Usually Im work on different creative platforms, as graphic designer, planning and working outs, featurings and exhibitions, etc. Im free, I can select what kind of works are interested Me, I living in freedom, I do what I want and what I like, what is if not happyness?

What´s your vision, is there a dream that have to come true one day?

You know, I have a really simple plan to the future. Keep still living in healthy and happiness. Happiness can mean all of the thing or way how any of us can live this life with good feelings. Of course, I also wish a big house near to the sea, big and beauty family, around with good friends and of course, doing the same just in biggest, more quality, more interesting.

As a graffiti painter I doesn’t have any special wish, or targets, I already met who I wish, I already painted on a many different platforms, in my country I feel I already find the what Im search, its enough to Me. Im happy on this way.

Sponsoring and support by Brands is a big thing these days, do you think that helps the artist?

Of course! For Me its one kind of a highest honourable mention and help so much to practice and shape our style to the maximum. Im proud for that.

Anything that we can expect from you in the near future?

I try to give to myself and for everyone something always interesting stuffs, working in different segments of the artist world. Im open for many different things. Just like before.

Anything to add? last Words?

Wish to say a big thank you for all of them who building the culture here and everywhere. Many thanx to Milos, Roman and of course the MOLOTOW Team.

Peace yo!




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