In the studio with: Richard ‘SEEN’ Mirando

We are pretty sure the artist does not need any introduction. But for those who do not know the man behind the MOLOTOW PREMIUM color "NIGHT SEEN BLUE": it is Richard Mirando, known as SEEN, born 1961 in Bronx, New York, and one of the most famous American graffiti artists. SEEN first started to paint on New York’s subway in 1973. For the next 16 years his work would spread across the city. Where others tagged on the subway and ran, Seen and his crew – United Artists – painted whole cars, which have since become iconic images of the time. His influence on graffiti is without precedent. Referred to as the ‘Godfather of Graffiti’, SEEN is recognized as a leader of the school of graffiti art and has become an icon of what was once considered an underground trend but has now become an international art movement. In 1981, SEEN’s works were exhibited along with the works by Andy Warhol, Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat in the New York / New Wave exhibition at P.S.1 in New York, next to a few others like BEYOND WORDS or CRASH´s Fashion Moda show at the same time, that era marked a turning point for the graffiti art genreand was the unwritten birth of street art.
SEEN resently been very busy painting a bg amount of smaller and bigger sized artworks in his studio. Here is a litte impression of the outcome and what´s up now and available on GRAFFITILOSER.COM!
Photos in courtesy of SEEN




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