Hola, Barça! Introducing MOLOTOW Barcelona

The new MOLOTOW flagship store opens its doors this friday, 15th of november 2019 in Barcelona, calle Lluís el Piadós 2!
Besides MOLOTOW Madrid the store is going to be the second one with a full MOLOTOW product range in Spain. If you’re based in Barcelona it will be your go-to address whenever you need art supplies!

On 99 m2 you will find everything you need to create your art from MOLOTOW PREMIUM to COVERSALL COLOR, COVERSALL WATER-BASED, BURNER™ CHROME, the ONE4ALL acrylic marker range, the BLACKLINER range, DRIPSTICK and MASTERPIECE.

Loїc Lachaud – a long-standing MOLOTOW employee who attends fairs, workshops and events all over the world – is going to manage the store. As he also deals with B2B clients from Spain and Latin America the flagship store will have a function as a B2B showroom, too.

The opening event will be cool and relaxed – simply with giveaways and great offers as frame events.

However, as you know MOLOTOW, there is more to come! A big opening party can be expected in spring.

Check out the MOLOTOW Barcelona flagship store before the great run!


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