‘Het Paradijs’ (means ‘The Paradise’) is an illustration studio from the Netherlands. Their line drawings are crafted by hand and are known for it’s detail, delicacy and playful character. We recently received a nice little product feedback by them painting with MOLOTOW ONE4ALL Markers on a ‘Cortina’ fashion bike:
"We make illustrations on all kinds of surfaces and love to use the MOLOTOW ONE4ALL acrylic markers! In this special bike project we freestyled a whole frame for Cortina (Dutch fashion bikes) and made a one piece item! We used 4 different colors; pink, olive, gold and white. We filled the frame with botanical and everyday-life items. With these markers you can work with layers, which makes it possible to use different colors on top of each other. "  
Have a look at the photos beolow and find out more about Het Paradijs on their Website: www.hetparadijs.net
Thanks for the feedback!