The HALLENKUNST Show is designed to spotlight the Urban Art movement within the ever-growing international Urban Art scene. The exhibition in Chemnitz/Germany will play host to 5 innovative and exciting spaces. These spaces are special areas of the art event within which artists will create site-specific art installations and will present a unique opportunity for visitors to experience varied and large format examples of Urban Art from Germany, Switzerland, Denmark and France. Participating artists like Antistatik, Swet, MadC, Tasso, Smash137, Soten, Wolfgang Krell, Stefan Winterle, ecb or Loomit will showcase a large scale of different type of Urban Art forms, such as Stencil Art, Stylewriting, Street Art, Photography and many more. Apart from that the HALLENKUNST will host a Paint Club Battle and various Film Screenings including the brandnew Banksy Movie “Exit Through The Gift Shop”. Checkout the event here at hallenkunst.de.