Graffiti South Africa Book Release

GRAFFITI SOUTH AFRICA is a new graffiti and street art book by Cale Waddacor. The first book to showcase South Africa’s graffiti on the international stage. Published by well-known American publisher, Schiffer Publishing, Ltd. The book takes a documentary record of the history of South African graffiti, wit high quality pictures in all major cities, from walls to trains, and action shots. exclusive interviews taken with top South African graffiti artists, including Rasty, Falko, Mak1one, Faith47, Gift, OptOne, Myza420, Dreadr, Mars, Pastel Heart, Tower, HacOne, Tapz, React, and Gogga. The Foreword is written by legendary graffiti photographer, Martha Cooper.

Available now | 194 pages (hardcover) | 354 photos | Size: 28 x 21.5 cm (11” x 8.5”)