Graffiti Artist S.KAPE289 paints BODÈ tribute

S.KAPE289 continues his tributes to the Graffiti Old School with a classy concept wall using FLAME BLUE and FLAME ORANGE Spray Paint including new tones. The visual party got crashed by Cheech Wizard, Arch Warlock, Ticks and the English Fragment to celebrate Vaughn Bode’s birthday – who would have turned 78 years old a few weeks ago.

Here are the colors used:

  • Fill in: Peach, Pastel Orange, Apricot, Light Orange, Orange
  • Outline/Block: Pure White, Ivory Light, Light Grey Neutral
  • Background: Pistachio Light, Pistachio, Grass Green, Kiwi Pastel, Kiwi Light, Kiwi, Primavera Green, Tarzan Green, Grass Green
  • Magic Trees: Aqua Dark, Verdigris Light, Verdigris Middel, Verdigris, Sage Middel, Sage, Sage Dark, Anthracite Grey
  • Cheech Wizard: Vanilla, Zinc Yellow, Melon Yellow, Signal Red, Burgundy, Deep Black
  • Arch Warlock: Trafic Purple Dark, Trafic Purple, Telemagenta, Pure White, Deep Black

Check out the result below by browsing the photos!


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