Graffiti artist AMIT 2.0 continues his Namedropping project with TASEK from Hamburg

Graffiti artist AMIT 2.0 continues his NAMEDROPPING project with another nice exchange work. This time with Graffiti artist Tastee TASEK from Hamburg, Germany, back then in Summer 2020 with hot temperatures at the Urban-Nature-Festival in Hanover, Germany. 

After the Interviews from the previous rounds here is another one to discuss the exchange a bit more in depth: 

Since when have you known Amit?

We got to know each other in the beginning of 2000 when we met on a plane from New York.

You are mainly known for your BBoy-characters. Why do you work on this subject?

After I had tried myself out as a breaker in the 90ies I just got caught on freezes. Often there was no space for characters in conception work, but they have always been my passion.

What does stylewriting mean to you?

I am still very interested in stylewriting and feel connected with the scene. That also helps me to compare my work to others and to know where it comes from.

What do you think of the namedropping project?

This is an old tradition that Amit has taken up again and which seemed to me to be restricted to private exchanges of sketches, blackbook sessions or such. I have always been enthusiastic about it and I can only recommend it ☺

How did you prepare yourself for today?

Everything came along spontaneously. There were no sketches or alike.

But at least we had a set appointment.

Was it easy to write the new combination of letters?

I did not have any problems. I did not do anything fancy so I could have enough time for the character.

How did you feel when you were painting?

As I said, it was hot! That was a lot of fun but also a little restrictive.

What goes through your head when you see the complete wall with your name on it written by someone else?

The character developed in reference to Amit, that´s why I chose the book as a synonym for his wide reading and his intellectual outlook on life. The hiphop-headgear was decided on together with Amit although he does not really own one like that. We had also thought about writing `Chicago Bulls` on his shirt or cap because Amit loves analysing basketball. That was one of our main talking points as there had been an interesting documentary on this subject on one of the well-known streaming services.

What do you think when you see the complete wall?

How nice, that we made it after all.

Anything to add?

Did I mention how hot it was?

Thanks! Check out the photos of the exchange and few additional works below!

TASEK https://www.instagram.com/tastee_._/  https://www.instagram.com/urban_nature_festival/

AMIT 2.0 https://www.instagram.com/amit2.0_namedropping/




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