GRAFF TV celebrates Episode 100 at the MOLOTOW TRAIN with DYVA & HAECK

MOLOTOW™ supports the Graffiti movement since more than 25 years. Artists, Events, Festivals, Projects or Video Series like GRAFF TV

GRAFF TV is a series of graffiti videos capturing the style and techniques of some of the best and most interesting graffiti writers around the world. From simple new school styles to futuristic 3D-burners or playful naive pieces. You can follow the process from sketch to finished piece, all cut down and compressed to three minutes episodes. 

MOLOTOW™ teamed up with SPRAYDAILY many years ago to support this series and to keep it running regularly! We provided a bit more than 5.000 MOLOTOW Premiums since day one, and it was worth every single spray can! So many burners painted by so many talented graffiti artists! A big thanks to everyone involved through the years! You can watch all episodes and pieces here!

Now it was time to celebrate Episode 100! So we invited the GRAFF TV format to our headquarters, with French graffiti artists DYVA & HAECK spray-painting a nice colorful wholcar with MOLOTOW Premium Spraypaint!

In between we had time to sat down with the two artists for a quick Q&A! You can read the interview below! 

And now enjoy GRAFF TV episode 100 featuring Graffiti artists DYVA & HAECK from Bordeaux. 

Hello DYVA & HAECK, and welcome to the MOLOTOW Headquarters! How do you like it?

This place is awesome. And meeting people who are behind molotow is even cooler, for us the human side is really important! You are a great team!

When you both stepped into graffiti and how?

Dyva: I discovered graffiti in 1988 in the streets of my hometown Brest, I started alone. I am painting seriously since 1997
Haeck: I started in 1993 in Bordeaux, my brother took me to go painting. Two years later I created the C.V crew with friends.

When starting off with Graffiti, what are the biggest fails you can run in and what´s your advise to beginners?

Haeck: having friendship with everyone! the work you do will put you forward more than knowing everyone. The fewer people you know the better it is! Don’t expect anything from the other.
Dyva: while I was young I was using poor quality cans: it was impossible to do a correct outline and filling: at the end the result was ugly. Using best quality cans helps a lot.

It seems like you both working and painting together is the perfect merge, what makes you such a good team!?
We’ve been painting together since 2001, so with our experience it’s really easy and natural now: we’ve shared weird situations, dangers, stress… so much that we’ve become very complementary. We also have the same musical influences. Together we have built our own universe. Obviously love, trust and respect help a lot.
You are also working with some specific color ranges, what do you like about this?And which role plays our MOLOTOW and FLAME Neon Spraypaint?What are you favorite colors and why?
We spend a lot of time trying  new color combinations with the computer. And due to the huge beautiful color range of molotow, we know we will find the colors we need. Plus as well, we have a theory that you can use the weirdest color combo, if you add the right neon colors  everything will match together. Our favorite colors are neons, and those from FLAME PAINT have a high coverage that can let you fill big surfaces, then you can add depth and brightness with the molotow ones. Using molotow and flame had helped us to improve our graffiti.

If someone never have seen your graffiti pieces before, how would you describe your styles and stylistic details?
We are influenced by Electronic music, we try to recreate this atmosphere with galactic geometric and abstract backgrounds. We use neon colors for the acid side, and perspectives for dynamics. Haeck as a modern square style, I have a vectorial style with a bit of distortion inside. We don’t want to be clones, we want to keep this difference between our styles.
DYVA, how do you feel about the rise and age of female empowerment these days?According to this, how is your experience with the graffiti movement from the female point of view?
Obviously the empowerment of women is fundamental. Graffiti can be a good way to build yourself, and be a stronger woman. But I am not into “100% females events”, I think they exclude more than they fight inequalities. We should be all toghether against all discriminations, it would have more sens. I also have met many kind guys that didn’t made any differences, so I can’t complain as being a woman in graffiti. Style matters, the genre is just a detail, that’s it.

HAECK, you are hiding face when publishing works or work in progress photos, why anonymity is important to you?
Because I am still painting everything, I have to be careful so I need to hide my face.

Did you both follow the MOLOTOW Train paintings since 2010, the year we took the big petrol blue monster home.Many graffiti artists painted the MOLOTOW Train since then, how do you like the outcome through the years?

The styles done previously are very eclectic. Depending on the artists, the feeling of the format and the dynamics are very surprising, and that’s the power of graffiti. That’s something we really appreciate.
What was your thoughts when seeing the train in real size?
The format is perfect because we love to paint big lengths. It was exactly what we were expecting.

Do you had any plans or ideas for the MOLOTOW Train?

We drew everything on the computer before. We have tried many color combinaisons till being satisfied.
You both painted the train as a train, with big panel styles sitting, straight graphic background details, actually in a very short time.Very near to the original sketch right?

We wanted to paint the MOLOTOW Train like a train. We also have planned every detail before and we wanted to do something close to the original sketch to be sure of the result but also because it is a gain of time. We love using graphic details because everybody can imagine what he wants, it is more interactive. We both painted really quick because we are used to it, we knew that a few hours would be enough.
Do you like the result?
Of course, we are really happy, it is exactly what we wanted to do!!!
Thanks for your visit, great works and we hope to see you soon again!
Thank you for everything, that was a magic day, and  pleased to have met you all!!!




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