GRAFF ON GIRLS Calendar – Making Of

“GRAFF ON GIRLS Calendar 2013” – SLIDERS Crazy Shooting

WOW! This calendar will break every record. After last year’s edition SLIDER was determined to step it up a notch with his new “GRAFF ON GIRLS Calendar 2013”. The meticulously planned concept was realized by using: 13 walls, 13 color tones and 8 airbrush models that were captured in over 3000 pictures. The best photos are brought together in this high quality calendar. Thirteen different venues in Dresden were picked out and over 250 photos were made of each wall.
A part of the production was made in collaboration with SPIKE. For the remaining concept walls (all between 8-20m) artists such as CAPARSO, OMSK167, AIDA.ONE, WOK and HELP joined the process. The models underwent about 6 hours of being painted before taking part in the photo shoot. SLIDER: “What a hassle! I wanted to show my concept, the perfect wall with the perfect painting and the perfect accessories,” He has succeeded perfectly in doing this, whether it was a Geisha, Gold or Rainbow shoot. The calendar receives the recognition that it deserves with its A3 format (when opened A2), the quality finish (spiral bound with reinforced eyelets) and best quality paper. When it comes to the “GRAFF ON GIRLS Calendar 2013” you have to strike quickly because this work of art won’t be in stock for long!

Many thanks to SLIDER, BANDITS, BURNING SAXONY, MACIA & SANDRINE APPEL for this great photography and art.


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