GRAFF ON GIRLS 2013 – Shootings

What does MOLOTOW™, a corporate paint company, have to do with gorgeous women? Aside from the pursuit of excellence, absolutely nothing. But that hasn’t stopped the GRAFF ON GIRLS calendar from becoming one of the most prestigious Prints in the world of Urban Body Art. Choosing nothing but abandoned locations with highly acclaimed photographers, graffiti artist SLIDER has created an exclusive product that was sold out in stores within a few days only, but that is specially delivered to our clients as a corporate gift. The calendar celebrates the artistic element of the naked female form and the colorful drawing on bodies with MOLOTOW™ ONE4ALL Markers combined with matching wall paintings. At the moment SLIDER is about to finish the footage for the 2013 calendar and just have sent in some photos of this years shootings. Have a look after the jump, the final preview and videos will follow up very soon!

Photos: photography-and-art.de


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