GESER of 3A Crew just had a chance to try out the MOLOTOW AQUA TWIN Marker for many Reasons. His first Impressions and thoughts please read after the jump!

The MOLOTOW AQUA TWIN System is impressive right out of the box. The colors are easily identified and displayed on the tips of the caps, and the marker has a sleek professional feel and look. The greatest strength is its versatility, and the options it provides to artists.

One of the biggest problems I’ve had for years while using markers, is that no matter how many shades of a color you bought, you would still seem to be missing that one value needed for a shadow or gradient. I really like the fact that the BLENDER PRO (used together with the AQUA TWIN) essentially solves this problem by allowing you to create the exact value or blend that you need, all without having to buy hundreds of separate markers.

The refillable AQUA TWIN is more than a simple fiber pen: with 24 rich colors and the corresponding EMPTY TWIN individual color gradations easily can be mixed. The soft brush tip with genuine brush feeling and the 2-6 mm broad tip (both exchangeable) make variable stroke widths possible – perfectly suitable for all design, watercolor and graffiti applications. For professional brightening and shading there’s also the compatible BLENDER PRO Aqua Medium available – without losses of durability and quality.

Additional noticeable strengths that appealed to me as an artist:

  • Dual tip – allows for a wide range of application, well suited for artists different styles
  • refillable (“empty twin” marker is so nice to have!!!)
  • Colors go on smooth, evenly, and maintain their vibrancy, even after blending
  • Thanks to GESER, find out more about this product here!


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