German model builder and artist ANDRE ROSSOL about his Pit Droide project

We recently equipped the German model builder and artist ANDRE ROSSOL with the MOLOTOW Urban Fine-Art Filler and some shades MOLOTOW Urban Fine-Art Artist Acrylic. We asked him some questions about his current Pit Droide project and his experiences with the MOLOTOW products:

When did you start to rebuild film and small props?

I started in 2008 after I changed from model building and RC model building to bigger models as a teenager. In the beginning I filed and sanded small balsa wood parts completely by myself. Today I use the computer to design the figures and print them in 3D – of course this makes a huge difference. 

Why do you prefer MOLOTOW to other model building paints?

The MOLOTOW paint makes it possible for me to continue my work on the project actively. I can do up to four work steps per day. I experienced that with other paints this only works with difficulties, since they commonly need 24 to 28 hours for drying. I often measure angles or parts of the figures while they are still drying, so it is very important that the paint is already partly hardened on the surface. 

What projects do you build?

I mainly reconstruct objects from the late 70s to early 90s from SCIEFI movies.

Why did you choose the Pit Droide?

Episode 1 is rather unpopular with many movie fans, but there are some characters that are very popular in the fandome. So it is also with the Pit Droid.

How did you come to the MOLOTOW fillers?

I have been working for 6 months daily with two 3D printers to realize my ideas. 3D printed parts always suffer from the movement and the production in layers, which always results in fine grooves. In order to get great results a good filler is really important for the subsequent work with paint or airbrush. For me the MOLOTOW Filler is the best so far. Because of its round surfaces you can see the result very well with the Pit Droid.

What experiences did you have with the MOLOTOW colors?

The MOLOTOW colors are rich and cover very well. When painting 3D prints you have to be sure that you cannot see the line and print structure afterwards. For my projects I could not wish for a better paint as the MOLOTOW Urban Fine-Art Artist Acrylic – the paint has the ideal properties for the sanding and “weathering”. What I like the most is to align and to smooth during the drying process.

How do your fans like the project “Pit Droide”?

Very, very well. Many of them enjoy to see the progress in my daily stories. I have fans who have been following the project from day one and regularly send me messages about it. Many people know the little Droid from their childhood and are happy to see it come to life. For me this is very nice. I am so happy about the positive feedback!

What will be your next project?

I just reprinted the legs of the Pit. This time I used carbon fiber as the little guy is heavier on his legs than I first thought. After that I plan to build a Protocol Droid. That one is a bit more known and comes from the movies 1977- 1983.




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