The German artist Bastian Muhr has just completed his untitled exhibition in the TaunusTurm in Frankfurt am Main (Germany). He used the MOLOTOW Empty Marker 611EM 15 mm and the PERMANENT PAINT Alcohol Refill 125 ml in signal white.

The artist from Leipzig created a temporary work of art over a period of two weeks in June 2020 on the large windows of the entrance lobby of the TaunusTurm. Between the two hand drawings, which are applied to the front and back of the window panes, an abstract play of forms develops, which oscillates between patterning and motivic composition. Depending on the lighting mood, both drawings either stand out from each other or merge into a single, very detailed and almost textile structure.

The work could be understood as oversized systematic graffiti even though it has similarities with classical compositional structures of church windows.

The project was developed in collaboration with Tishman Speyer, Goodwin Procter and the Jochen Hempel Gallery in Leipzig.