From Canvas to Wall

“I have never been using colours on my sketches that much, most of the time it was just losely drawn with a pencil and only if i had to see the lines in the dark they where sketched up with a black marker. Since the release of the One4AllZombie i will do 10 canvases in the size 125×35 together with a matching wall. Just to push myself and my skills but also to test out the markers and the spray next to each other.” Marker i have been trying them on canvas here and there but never really in a to big format. So this year, ínspired by my good friend “(Soten)

Another MAF project kicks off, see how Soten sketch on Canvas with One4All Markers and paint the wall with Molotow Premium in icecold Copenhagen. The “Canvas2Wall” February 2010 update, 9 more to come!


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