FOURK OF JULY – Trump’s wall

Here is the newest project by hungarian graffiti artist FORK4, again we will leave it up to him to describe what his new wall and video is about!
"Few months back a american film maker class came to Budapest to make a document film about various topics in Budapest.  One of them was chosen to make a video about me, my career and my works.  The film was a diplom work of Meranda Nearhoof a student from Pennsylvania  University. I went for a Donald Trump wall theme so we painted this wall with my buddy Apse. We made a american theme where Mr. Trump is painted as meteorologist and he shows a thermal map about america’s 60’C version + included some modern  american elements too. Flying tacos over the big fence at the Mexican border with a big gun shows the war scene and a fence makin’ at the same time… I did a alternate cut from the film, because at the same time  the horrible news about Trump canceling the Climate arrangement came up.  I used Run the Jewels track for the film because this band say it right. Within 3 days I draw a 1200 frame animation for that, that was my first try to animate a graff video…" (FORK4)
Check the video and photos below.




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