FORK4 x Pocofitti

FORK4 introduce his participation in the project entitled POCOFITTI.

“My friend IAMYANK made his new album, and the best hungarian game developer company made for him a complete game for the album launch. We are the first in the world who made a music album with a game hand in hand and we advertise it with a graffiti in one of the best traffic spot near the suburbian railways.”

Read the full story and checkout the video plus photos after the jump!

“Last weekend I took a part in quite a juicy project. It all began when one of my musician friends told me about this mobile app he was working on called Adventures of Poco Eco: Lost Sounds. It is a game made to promote his new album Lost Sounds, and it’s a whole audio-visual odyssey. The music is great, the graphics are even better (sorry bro : ), and I found the whole idea very innovative and something I can assimilate to, so I wanted to be a part of this. 2weeks ago launched the game at appstore in Hungary and Canada at the first day the game was the no1 downloaded game, yesterday was the world release party on appstore.”

Here is what FORK4 painted for this project at the Budapest Hall of Fame recently!

Camera: Triplaaa
Edit and paint: Fork4 / Molotow
Music: IAMYANK – The Bird Tamer / Lost Sounds album
Game: Poco Eco



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