FORK4 x ONE4ALL Canvas Series #01

Graffiti Artist FORK4 from Hungary started his new ONE4ALL canvas series. Consisting of 4 episodes painting four human body parts. First episode: the heart

“I try to show 4 bodyparts what we need to use for the sense in 4 canvas. The first is heart, and the others will be brain, eye and hand. That parts need to make and feel the thing what we call ART. At the first i use the ONE4ALL Acrylic Spray can for background effects, fill in and for the base of the letters. It was pretty cool to see the usable material from the can is perfect for spray effects and a good mix can use a brush with a perfect covering and brilliant colors. I like it very much, it shows me a new way of painting canvases!”

Checkout some process shots after the jump and watch out for episode 2 to come soon!


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