Here is a video by hungarian filmmaker Nyíri Kovács István about graffiti artist FORK4 and a project with jazz musician Gábor Pusztai:

“Earlier this year, I got a message from Hungarian jazz musician, Gábor Pusztai. He asked me to create his new album’s cover. I was very excited, because Gábor was going to compose music for the famous Hungarian writer, Mihály Babit’s poems. We were working together closely for several weeks, and the end result debuted on the Day of Poetry. Along with that, the werk we have made during the process become a standalone clip, which – we truly believe – could help to make poems and graffiti more attractive to the younger generation.” (FORK4)

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Music: Pusztai Gábor – A gyémántszóró asszony (Babits Mihály)
Artist: Fork4
Director: Nyíri Kovács István
Camera: Bayer TamásS & Borsos Miklós
Art Director: Schneider Péter
Edit: Fork 4
Photo: Piri Réka

Thanks to STUDIO22