Hungarian graffiti artist FORK4 just sent in a few photos of paintings he did last month. Many graffiti writers from all over came to Budapest to participate at a graffiti festival, so FORK joined ventured with ACHES, TONES and some more, but FORK also jumped back to the forest to paint another metro wall: 
"In August I had a busy month with a lot of sprayin’ at Budapest with great guys like Tones, Aches, Rask, Vents, Rate, Kotk, Copsa, Park, Space, Cuba and Staer and many more on MOS Hungary. Had some alone fun in the forest jump spot again made a new metro and a wall from the leftovers. I started a serial to show which color kick out the pieces mostly. This month winners are MOLOTOW PREMIUM Vanilla, Crazy Plum, Shock blue light and Neon Orange. This cans saved my pieces to make enough contrast but not too much like black and white."