FORK4 Indoor Painting “Rangimarie”

Graffiti Artist FORK4 from Hungary just sent in another Product Feedback on the MOLOTOW ONE4ALL Spray Paint in use together with the MOLOTOW ONE4ALL Markers and the MOLOTOW PREMIUM 400ml, here is what he has to say about the room indoor painting:
"My new friend Paul came from New Zealand with his hungarian wife to live here in Budapest. He asked and invited me to paint his house in some point and make some graffiti for his childs and his garage too, that report is the first phase of the work. His daughter name is Antonia but she’s got a original Maori name Rangimarie which means Peace. That’s why i paint for her a Budapest panorama for the left and a Island to the right and the elements from her home to remember always where is she came from. We talked a lot with the little girl what she wants on her wall so it was one of my funniest collaboration ever.
That was a great day when i used the MOLOTOW ONE4ALL Spray Paint, Markers and MOLOTOW PREMIUM. It works great together and i can combine it with some rollerpaint to make different and new effects than before. The transparent premium white and black works very good with all of the materials, i like it very much now.  The markers worked great on the wall too and helps to make fine deatils and bring more life in to the piece."
Check out some photos and a short video below!




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