FLOX´s “The Migration” Mural – Ladies Who Paint

Here is the latest mural by FLOX located at the corner of Park Blvd & C Street in San Diego. Ten other murals that went up are all within a few blocks of each other. It was ten female artists from five different countries and across the United States. Everyone was given creative freedom and five days to complete their mural. You can check out the artist list and below a map of the murals.

FLOX Mural is entitled “The Migration”, read what the artist have to say about the work:

“This piece is a continuation of my passion to bring awareness about climate change and the effects that is having on migratory bird eco systems. San Diego California, is home to many migratory bird species including the Least Tern, which sits with wings outstretched centre bottom in the artwork. Warming sea water is driving their food sources (anchovies) farther down into the ocean and making it harder for least terns to get hold of them; in addition, the anchovies are overfished and human development has eroded and destroyed much of the dunes they depended on, so it’s a tough fight.

Migratory bird species require suitable conditions throughout their annual cycle: on their breeding grounds, in their non-breeding range, and along migratory routes between the two. Climate change has the potential to disrupt conditions in all three stages. In ecology, there’s no such thing as an action without consequences because all parts of the ecosystem are connected – human population growth, rising temperatures. Graced in symmetry fly two Rufous Hummingbirds feeding on Purple Sage against the backdrop of a large white silhouette of the New Zealand Tītī (Muttonbird). This long distance traveller of the Pacific Flyway route (which encompasses both the West Coast of California extending geographically right down to my own heart land of Aotearoa, New Zealand) makes reference globally to the need for thinking about the future of our birds.”

Photos:  Veronika Grechman (@klever)




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