FLAME™ Review by S.KAPE289

We just received another Artist Feedback this time by german graffiti artist S.KAPE289 who painted two walls with the FLAME™ BLUE Spraypaint. Have a look at the video, the review and photos after the jump!

I am happy that FLAME™ PAINT sent me some cans in order to try them. FLAME™ is being distributed by MOLOTOW™ (they are well known and need no introduction). FLAME™ PAINT is being produced in Europe. The company is producing spray paint for quite a while now, they know what they are doing. I painted with all different kinds of spray paint during my travels, with one conclusion: You should be able to paint with every can, because the quality of the paint can’t help, if you have no style.

Certainly quality does matter, you just have to compare graffities of the 90s and these days. I think Europeans are quite spoiled regarding good paint for an affordable price. I like to use good material, it’s much more fun to work with and you have less negative surprises.

Talking about quality paint there are some things that really matter to me: Paint should be safe, so fuck toxic ingredients. It should cover well, on every surface. The output system should be easy to control, no matter what temperature it is.

I used to be no big fan of acrylic paint, but this time I wanted to give it a try and I painted two pieces with FLAME™ BLUE:

The background on our local hall of fame was freshly primed for “Black Eyed Blues”. A cold but good day with cool people that I haven’t seen for quite a while. Even though the background froze partially due to the cold weather, the cans performed well. The acrylic paint of FLAME™ BLUE is really thick so it didn’t bother that the primer was partially frozen. It’s so thick that you might need some extra caps. I used the ultra skinny caps, the bananas that come with the cans and fat caps.

The second piece “My Blue Suede Shoes” was painted on a surface, which soaks a lot of color. I was glad that this was no problem, the paint covered well. It was a little bit warmer that day, so I really enjoyed the smooth valve-system, which makes regulating fine details or high outcome very easy, even with a fat cap. I can absolutely recommend FLAME™ BLUE.

• Acrylic paint is so thick that it sparkles sometimes while using ultra skinny caps. You might want to bring a few more caps as usual if you are into painting details (at least in the winter).

• Distribution through MOLOTOW™ is really fast
• Produced in the EU, FLAME™ does not contain toxic ingredients (as far as I know)
• Color donut makes it easy to spot the exact color
• FLAME™ BLUE covers really well, even under difficult circumstances
• Valve system is smooth, easy to control, painting is fun
• Colors seem well balanced to me
• Good price for acrylic paint

Thanks to FLAME™ Paint and MOLOTOW™ for providing me with some cans to try them, I really enjoyed it. FLAME™ BLUE is a high quality paint, which competes easily with the famous brands. Gonna to try out Flame Orange next time…

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