Fieldey´s Surf Art Workshop

The inaugural Gidgets Go Picasso Surfboard Art Workshop was held lately at the Bondi Pavilion and despite the crappy weather it went off! Artist Fieldey who runs the workshop said “I was so stoked with the response that we got from this, everyone was super lovely, and it was great to hear silence in the room as everyone was in deep creative concentration painting their surfboard artworks.” She led eight workshoppers through a four step cleaning process to prepare their boards for painting and demonstrated some of her favourite old-school spray techniques using MOLOTOW™-PREMIUM and a handy palm frond and then let them loose on the supplies.At the end of the day it ended up with nine completely different artworks, each one a unique expression of creativeness and ready to hit the waves. Have a look at the photos after the jump and here at Fieldey´s Blog



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