Festka’s made-in-the-Czech-Republic bicycle lines are growing and the company is rapidly expanding into components. For their latest bike they worked together with Lukáš Tomek and Ilona Polanská, two young artists who like to call themselves four hands illustrators and whose work is hidden behind Tomski & Polanski label. From books and newspaper illustrations to Hollywood characters and playing cards their illustrations are a fusion of imagination and perception, representing the world outside and their reaction to it. Have a look at the work and the video after the jump! MOLOTOW™ ONE4ALL in use!

“We aimed to build a bicycle suitable for work commute which would be service free, light and skillful. A bicycle that would represent its owner’s significance. The Urban Zero draws on our well-proven road frame of the original Zero but removes all of the complications, leaving a sophisticated but simple Gates Carbon Belt Drive system, leaving no other sound but silence. The gear ratio of 60-22 is well balanced to suit city rides as well as those out in the wild. It is the ultimate single speed in hilly terrain, and with a more classic road geometry is adaptable with many handlebar configurations. 80mm Rocket Wheels complete the art piece and unify the appearance.”



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