Experts Advice – Painting your Room

Learning to paint a room correctly is essential for novice DIYers, new homeowners, and seasoned home improvement professionals alike. After all, it’s relatively painless, inexpensive, and simple to repair if something goes wrong. But, before you grab your roller and begin with your first coat, you must first devise a strategy. As a result, PORCH asked a few experts including us for their best painting tips and tricks to get you started.

What do you need for painting a graffiti at home? This is the question our team member Laura explained and answered here!

Before getting started with painting a graffiti at home, there are several things to pay attention to in advance.

The first step is to get a concrete idea of the motif and size. If the idea is clear, it is important to make thoughts about the painting tools, as graffiti pieces can be realized with markers, spray cans, squeeze bottles, brushes, and other tools. The next step is to bring those parts together by making a concept wall. In many cases, it can be helpful to draw the concept wall on paper first in order to get familiar with the overall picture and its symmetry. Sometimes it is might be helpful to make stencils out of cardboard or to paint the motif with a pen in a light color first.” continue reading here




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