Exhibition x PAUSER & PIANO33

Just few days ago czech Graffiti Artists Pauser and Piano33 exhibited their artworks together on the urban art exhibition at PopupStudio, Prague. Life brings many challenges, one of them can be transfer their visions, symbols and applied design on the canvas. The new element in their work. Checkout the photos after the jump!

Tomáš Junker alias Pauser (1983)
He is one of the remarkable contemporary graffiti writers. He started experimenting with graffiti at elementary school in 1996. Expressive strokes and colors distinguishing Pauser’s pieces evoke groovy atmosphere. His writing could be, in one word, described as FUNKY.

Marek Kedzierski aka Piano33 (1982)
He made his first graffiti work in Ostrava where he studied secondary graphic art school. This writer also known as Afasi or Skot started with graffiti at the beginning of the 90’s in the industrial city of Ostrava. The effort to revive the grey urban space is reflected in his unique style full of colors and 3D effects because as Piano33 says, he likes to see letters from different angels.


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