ED BRONER – Teaser

Filmmaker Franck Pierron shot a mini doc about the work of street artist Ed Broner, captured around Berlin. Have a look at the teaser after the jump. From Graffiti Art to Pop and an intimate personal engagement and assimilation of Aboriginal painting, the works of Edouard Broner reveal the unique character of a complex self-generated artist.
Broner’s transfer of artistic expression familiar to the exterior world into the interior gallery space has a sense of a personal journey and evolved language, his former ‘tags’ of graffiti wall painting becoming the explicit tropes of a new self-presentation. This does not of necessity infer that the subversive role of protest (common to graffiti) has been expunged merely that it necessitated a separate frame from the current undefined parameters of Street Art. The role of Graffiti Art was always in its origins highly personal and individually language-coded. Broner in his painted works creates hybrid integrations between different forms of marginalisation, and what was once considered peripheral has come into the mainstream of creative expression. The film will be online soon!


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