We recently supported the artist NARIMAN FADAKAR to realize his project DANCE OF LIGHT. A collection of five meter linen motifs paintings painted completely with MOLOTOW UV Markers, suspended from the ceiling.  The artworks are based on concept sketches inspired by motifs of Art nouveau, Art deco, Architectural patterns.
"UV reactive paint has a lot of taboos, I really like to challenge myself with this, the paint pigments are very different from normal acrylic paint, but patience plays a big role in layering."
Working mostly at night the artists studio loos very special, daytime work changed to cleaning, tiding the works, coloring and detailing during the night. The project was finally finished in three and half weeks the results has been captured on camera, check out the photos and video below and read a bit more by the artist here:
"Dance of Light is my first showcase in Berlin. After two years of moving my practise to Berlin, I found myself in  a city which is rich in freedom of expression and plenty of space to display it.  I work hard to make every show a experience, so I set off to start the showcase with only 3.5 weeks to create something in which sent a message. With total new aesthetics and with the help of Molotow new brush pens fluidity and consistency of paint was perfect for the final result.  I believe as a creative, whatever we paint is just a beacon to stir up the creativity spirit within all of us, in a world filled with numbers and words, never before has there been a more need to awake our creative spirit, then now."


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