Copenhagen Trains – Vandal Tactics

After the release of ´Will I Go To Hell For This´ (a Danish book about the golden era of graffiti on the old Copenhagen S-trains) it was about time to release another intense documentation of the blood red second generation S-trains which roamed through the capital of Copenhagen and her surrounding suburbs. The movie “Copenhagen Trains – Vandal Tactics” is featuring some of the key players in the Copenhagen graffiti train scene with recordings dating back from 1999 and to the end of the era in 2007. The movie gives an exclusive and highly aesthetic presentation of the true train writing spirit of Copenhagen. The movie will be released in three versions: a DVD with a booklet of train info and limited flicks, a special numbered limited Collectors Item box with a rare surprise and a free digital version available from selected file sharing networks to copy and share with your friends. More about the release in Copenhagen on October 7 at Sankt Hans Gade at 5pm after the jump and here over at copenhagentrains.com


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