Railtracks and a traincar at the backyard of the Molotow™ Headquarters, how does that sounds to you? Well, we made it. Crazy for many reasons. At the end of the day we are sure to offer the perfect surface for an upcoming project. That train is our tribute to an very important movement of the worldwide graffiti art scene.

Before we go to introduce the “Coming Home” Project in details lets go and watch how the Molotow™ Train made it to the Headoffice in Lahr, Black Forest.

It was a crazy night and amazing moments while the traincar has arrived. We thought to share some feelings and impressions with you, this photos and the videoclip of the exciting Molotow™ Train transport. Check here to see who laid his first piece on it. More about the “Coming Home” Project very soon.

We took it home, welcome to the: Molotow™ Train