Suisse Graffiti artist BUST ART went to joined the North Festival Belfast just recently and painted some great new walls. Here is his recap!

“This was my First trip to North Irland and to be fair the whole Political situation was very confusing. but i was there for painting and not Politics and this is what i did. 

I liked the city a lot and to be fair I have hardly seen any city covered with Graffiti all over as much as Belfast.

I had some great sunny first days and could even finish the wall in the first 3 days but I chose to take it slow, make the working time less and the beer time more.

From day 1 I knew that Saturday will be rainy all day but instead of taking a break I painted 2 more walls in the rain on that day.

The day of the actual festival was great. Thousands of visitors came by to see the over 60 artists painting their Walls. The Festival had 25 female artists which was very refreshing.

Artists like Kitsune. Aches, Carl Kenz, Inkie, Asbestos, Emic, Sophie Mess and many more painted amazing walls.

On the day after the Festival a big group of artists went to paint the Peace Wall in Belfast that divides the catholics and the protestants. The Pieces on the wall are covered by thousands of small messages left by tourists which get driven there by local cab drivers that even hand them the markers.

Painting over alcohol based markers is not the most fun but 3 layers of Premium cover even the hardest sharpie.

I painted a nice collabo wall together with Lobster, Carl Kenz and Emic.

Hit the North was Great and I hope to return for more fun.





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