BRAINFART releases the third edition of their “Stickermag”

The Zurich-based street art collective is releasing their third “Stickermag”. It features over 100 stickers by national and international street artists on 48 pages. The aim is simple: more sticky mini-artworks for everyone!  
The BRAINFART guys have been true gamers since day one. Always connected through their childhood in their darkened living rooms, secrete video game sessions and three-day long nonstop LAN parties. Sonic, Link, Bomberman and all the rest of them: they all shaped the childhood of the BRAINFART members.
Therefore, dedicating this mag to these retro games was a logical consequence.  Carefully selected and renowned artists such as Bustart, Nevercrew or Zinkete adorn the new edition, along with other highly talented artists. It is their best and biggest edition so far. Sticker-art has just become socially acceptable.   The “Stickermag” supported by MOLOTOW is available in selected shops as well as in the BRAINFART online store.


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