Bounce featuring Puppet

Bounce – Sweden’s most successful dance company of all time – end their long and hit-filled career with one last grand farewell performance in Ericsson Globe. By themselves they have over a hundred guest dancers from among the Harlem Hot Shots and Spin Kings. Together they offer a grand celebration of dance in a performance that we will never forget! The famous Bounce show from Sweden featuring Puppet in their new show! Read a quick interview and the see the amazing video after the jump!

Our friend Lars of ILG had a quick talk with Puppet after he was part of the latest show last week in Stockholm.

Tell us about the the show?
Puppet: The show was amazing, really crazy big success. 50.000 tickets sold, a total of 5 shows sold out at GLOBEN arena Stockholm.
How did you become part of this show, we didnt know you were a b-boy too?
Puppet: For me it was an honour to take part in show. The Bounce crew is from my hometown Westarose and they use to be the small kids sitting and watch us back in the days when i was breaking in the streets! Now they asked me if I still can make a move in 2010? Watch the film and you see..
Last words?
Puppet: BOUNCE always RESPECT! Damn they are really cool kids, 13 years of sold out shows, what can you say… Read more about them here!





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