BORGE BREKKE x ONE4ALL Acrylic Spraypaint

Our norwegian friend and artist BORGE BREKKE (Video) recently painted a big indoor commicion work for the Norvegian Ministery of Finance in Oslo. So he took the chance using our brandnew product for that: the ONE4ALL Acrylic Spraypaint 400ml!

"The walls to be paint were 14 by 2.6 meters in an office building that was in use. No chance to use regular spraypaint because of solvents spread, so the ONE4ALL was then a perfect choice. The colors fit great with the design developed in collaboration with the client, a group wich had the task to make a creative space in the basement of the building of the Norvegian Ministery of Finance. The task was to connect the design to the already existing Jugend/Viking inspired design of the building from 1906. Inspired but free of choice."

Read more about the work and his feedback as well as more photos after the jump!

"I wanted a clean cut execution and found the ONE4ALL cans performing totally as expected. Very little or no smell from the propellant gas, but some fine dust spread. Wearing a mask is necessary for works of size. It`s also advicable to cover furniture.

The cans works great with all caps from Fat to Skinny. It was very easy to control the outflow and make the lines like I wanted, a very fast and precise tool. I used a spray bottle with water to clean the caps between changes and breaks to prevent clogging. That worked out fine as well.

The ONE4ALL cans has clearly made it possible to expand to indoor works, more interesting commissions and much greater opportunities for my art and workshops. Next move is to check out the promising possibilities these cans can give in combinations with brushwork, mix with water, and how they work on different materials.
Big thank`s to Molotow for relentlessly developing and expanding great tools for art and artists!"




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