BOOK – ‘Graffiti ist Jazz mit Buchstaben’

A brandnew book just arrived to our headquarters entitled ‘Graffiti ist Jazz mit Buchstaben’ by the authros Sabine Ullrich and Frank Pudel. Read more after the jump!

‘Graffiti ist Jazz mit Buchstaben’

Sabine Ullrich and Frank Pudel accompanied and studied the graffiti and street art scene in Mid-Germany Area with the photo camera for two years. All portrayed protagonists in this book share the same big passion: painting building facades with spray cans – sometimes socio-critical as a meditative act, sometimes inspired by baroque, spontaneous and artistically innovative or as a rewarded, commissioned piece. In many cases, their artworks are vanished, repainted or weather-beaten in a short time. What remains, is only the photo.

• pages: 160 pages
• format: hardcover 240 x 165 mm
• ISBN 978-3-95462-521-5
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