Behind The SEEN

For those who havent seen it yet we will follow up an earlier studio visit at Richard Mirando´s Studio, have a look over the shoulder of a great artist with a few photos of Seen working on canvas!

Richie Mirando (*1961), known as Seen is involved in graffiti for more than three decades, he is one of the pioneers in the development of graffiti as an art form. Seen, who grew up in The Bronx in New York City, first started to paint on subways in 1973. His crew United Artists (or simply UA) quickly gained the reputation for producing full-color throw-ups on whole cars with members such as Pjay, Duster, Sin, and his brother Mad. For the next 16 years his pieces were running across the city and on all lines, but they were especially prominent on the 2, 5, and 6 lines. He was responsible for dozens of whole-car top-to-bottoms, many of which have become iconic images of the time. In the late 1980s Seen also turned his talent to tattoo art, opening Tattoo Seen, which quickly became one of the most successful studios in New York. End of 1990s Seen and a few more graffiti pioneers visited the MOLOTOW™ headquarters Germany to brainstorm a new outstanding spraypaint quality. Seen’s recent work includes mixed media work to exhibit worldwide.




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